Einstein's Riddle (SOLUTION)

Although this riddle is attributed to Einstein, supposedly there is no known evidence that confirms this.

Solving this riddle is made easier by making a 5x5 table with the houses as columns and the house attributes as rows, as in the solution image below.

Then we can use the clues to fill in the table in the following sequential order:

Clue 8: House 3 drinks milk.
Clue 9: House 1 has the Norwegian.
Clue 14: House 2 has blue walls.
Clues 5 and 4: House 4 has green walls and drinks coffee; House 5 has white walls.
Clue 1: House 3 has the Brit and red walls; House 1 has yellow walls.
Clue 7: House 1 has Dunhill cigars.
Clue 11: House 2 has a horse.
Clues 3 and 12: House 1 has water.
Clue 15: House 2 has Blends cigars.
Clue 12: House 5 has Blue Master cigars and root beer; House 2 has tea.
Clue 13: House 4 has the German and Prince cigars; House 3 has Pall Mall cigars; House 5 has the Swede.
Clue 6: House 3 has a bird.
Clue 2: House 5 has a dog.
Clue 10: House 1 has a cat; House 4 has the fish!

Thus, by process of elimination, the German in the green walled house 4 stole the fish!


Einstein's Riddle (or Einstein's Puzzle) is also called the Zebra Puzzle: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zebra_Puzzle
This riddle was taken from this Ted video: https://ed.ted.com/lessons/can-you-solve-einstein-s-riddle-dan-van-der-vieren#watch

Check out the puzzle (without the solution) by clicking here!

Einstein's Riddle (SOLUTION)
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