Missing Dollar Puzzle

Can you figure out what happened to the missing dollar?

For reference, I have included the text of the puzzle below as well as in the image.

Three people go to a hotel to stay the night, they ask how much to the person at the desk. The person at the desk says $10 each ($30). They hand over $10 each ($30) and go to the room. The person at the desk thinks they charged too much so they give the bellhop five $1 bills ($5) to give to the three people. On the way, the bellhop puts $2 in their pocket. The bellhop gives the people $3 back. Now they each paid $9 each not $10. Simple arithmetic, 3X9=27. The Bellhop kept $2, so 27+2=29.

What happened to the other dollar?

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Missing Dollar Puzzle
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